Nepal is a kingdom of Himalayas and thanks to the Majestic Himalayas, Nepal hosts some of the best, most scenic and most varied white water rivers on Earth. Rafting in Nepal offers the most thrilling and adventurous white water rafting adventure experience. White water rafting in Nepal ranges from shorter rafting trips to longer challenging rafting trips. The shorter white water rafting trips are easily accessible and fit for beginners and the longer white water trips are world classics and challenging which will reward you with the experience of a lifetime. Rafting in the white water river of Nepal offers thrills, laughter and companionship while shooting rapids. Rafting in Nepal is often more exciting with the camping on the white sand beaches, campfires under the stars, warm water, jungle- clad slopes and wilderness. The most fascinating factor is that there are rarely any nasty biting insects on the beaches. Rafting in Nepal is classified into six different classes based on the level of difficulty. Class 6 level rafting is nearly impossible and therefore Plan Nepal Travel and Tours does not organize the rafting class of level 6.

Rafting Class Difficulty

  • Class I: Easy, Small rapids, Few or no obstacle
  • Class II: Moderate, small rapids with regular waves, few obstacle
  • Class III: Difficult, rapids with irregular waves, hazards need avoiding, occasional scouting from shore
  • Class IV:Very difficult, large rapids with large irregular waves, dangerous hazards, scouting from shore often needed
  • Class V: Extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, severe hazards, rescue is difficult
  • Class VI: Almost impossible, might possibly run by experts, considerable hazard to life

TRIPS IN White Water Rafting

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